“Singularities” is a series of images that I have been contemplating for several years. As a former geologist, I have always been somewhat obsessed with the origin, existence, transition, and demise of things that seem to be, on the surface at least, permanent. Change is inevitable, but geologic change is (usually) so slow that we humans don’t notice. Human change seem be perceived by us as the most important, even though we have only been on the planet as a species for the last .0023% of the history of our planet. Humans may uniquely have the ability to contemplate such things, and I’m here to suggest alternative origin theories to some familiar things in our lives, including marriage, disease, religion, race, knowledge, and humanity itself. These constructions are the result some serious reflections our our world, but tempered by our true insignificance in the cosmos.

As a photographer with a long history of crafting images from ideas rather than what appears in front of my camera as I walk around, my techniques to bring these images to light were very familiar to me. However, assembling a series to illustrate an idea was somewhat new for me. I hope to communicate these notions with a mix of drama and humor, always with carefully crafted formal qualities. These images are very dependent on their titles, and therefore these are presented below the images in the digital portfolio. These prints are 22 x 22 inches, framed to 25 x25 inches. Titles are inked by hand at the bottom of each print.